Mar 19, 2018

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1
───German Joint Particle Body Research Center "Ymir".


Homura realized he had lost consciousness for a short time, after he had been struck in the back of the head. Surprisingly, he showed no signs of panic or unease following the nightmare.

That was because he had been seeing the very same dream again and again for the past couple of days.

Mar 5, 2018

Amagi Brilliant Park V4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The 5 Head’s Conference (at the yakitori bar “Savage”)

This evening was the monthly “cast leaders’ get-together”.

Cast leaders (CL) are the main personnel of each of the respective 5 areas that form Amaburi.

Moffle was the cast leader of the magic and fairy-tale area, “Sorcerer’s Hill”. To sum up, Macaron, Tiramie, as well as Muse and co. make up the cast of “Sorcerer’s Hill”.

Amagi Brilliant Park V4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Family Affair

A certain week’s Monday.
For the first time in three days, Sento Isuzu turned up at school and handled the morning lessons flawlessly. Due to her weak constitution, she had not been berated for the numerous absenteeism.

Amagi Brilliant Park V4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Let’s shoot a promotional video!

Good day. This is the Chief of Public Relations, Triken.

I work at a theme park, “Amagi Brilliant Park”,  located in the outskirts of Tokyo. A mere humble dinosaur type mascot, hailing from the Land of Magic's, Rex Land.

My workplace “Amagi Brilliant Park” (hereafter, Amaburi) is an amusement park that was on the verge of collapse until last year. A brilliant high schooler, Mr Kanie Seiya, suddenly appeared and became the acting manager, and we had barely managed to survive, hanging on by a thread. As Chief of Public Relations, I, Triken, assist Mr Kanie with various tasks on a daily basis.

Amagi Brilliant Park V4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Bandou Biino’s peculiar circumstances

“As always, I’m really sorry, Biino.”

Said Bandou Biino’s father while lying down on the thin senbei futon.

“If dad were much healthier, you wouldn’t have to be burdened with so much troubles……..”

“Father, didn’t you promise me not to say this? Look, the porridge is ready.”

Biino showed a gentle smile.

Dec 16, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V8 Afterword

Rakudai Kishi V8 Afterword

Greetings. I am the author, Riku Misora.

Thank you for purchasing the eighth volume of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan.

Did you enjoy it?

However, Amane-kun is really a serious child. If Misora ever possessed the power of Nameless Glory, he would be enjoying life in easy mode anyhow he likes (lol)

Well, it’s just that not achieving anything with your own ability won’t give you a sense of fulfillment, so it may certainly be an empty life. I myself as well, was dancing in joy when my debut received excellence award from GA Publisher-san. What a dilemma.

Rakudai Kishi V8 Intermission 2

Intermission: A Late Arrival

Through Arisuin’s report, Ikki, whose heart had stopped, was immediately carried over to the newest medical facility available in the dome to do an emergency resuscitation surgery.

In a small waiting area before the operation room that only allowed Ikki’s relatives and Kurono Shinguuji, the Director of the school he belonged to, Shizuku clasped her hands together as if she was praying while looking at the operation room’s door.

And then, two hours after Ikki was brought in.

Despite the light ‘in operation’ still being lit, one of the doctors came out of the room.

Shizuku immediately went up to him and asked about her brother’s situation.

“My Onii-sama! Is my Onii-sama saved!?”

The doctor did not shake or nod his head, and replied in a heavy voice.

“......No, we still don’t know.”

“Wh-What’s with that!? D-Don’t know you say, what do you mean by that!?”

“That’s, we don’t know what reason is causing that. We first thought that it was a heart attack. There are no external wounds anywhere, only the heart was in the state of stoppage. However, after resuscitating the heart, the brain was having issues, after caring for that then another place caused trouble......just like in a game of whack-a-mole, as if 「death」 was attracted to his body.”

Death was attracted to him.

The first thing she had connected to those words was the opponent, Amane’s ability.


“But didn’t Onii-sama dodge all of it!?”

That’s right, Shizuku shouted that he had not received a single injury.

However ── Kurono told her that it was a mistaken recognition.

“You see, Kurogane-imouto. If you confirm with the recorded will know that both of his arms were grazed by the reaper’s hand when he had protected the main referee. Most likely, the 「death」 seeped in from there.”

Dec 12, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V8 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - The Semi-Final Shrouded in Dark Clouds

Under the rain of applause from the audience, Stella left the ring.

As Kanata Toutokubara watched from the audience stand, she let out a sigh that had been held in and exclaimed.

“That was an incredible fight......”

At her side, Touka Toudou nodded and replied.

Nov 18, 2017

Last Embryo V3 Prologue

Last Embryo V3 Prologue


Hence───He had come to dream of a world in flames.

And that was by no means a metaphor.

The flames of the blazing city burned up to the heavens, and the blue sky was dyed by the black smoke.

The flames that burned for seven days and nights without going out, not satisfied only by the people that lived there, had continued to spread while swallowing down even the ruins that turned deserted.